Notable Jersey Shore Towns Need to Visit At Least Once

Jersey Shore is coastal region of New Jersey.  It is an umbrella term, which encompasses 227 km of coastline adjoining the Atlantic Ocean starting from Perth Amboy [in North] to Cape May Point [in South].  Counties included in the region are Cape May, Atlantic, Monmouth Ocean, and Middlesex.

It is also referred to as, ‘The Shore’. Mid-Atlantic citizens from New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia visit the coastline, especially in summer. Busy city residents exchange a subway for cruising the boardwalks and beachcombing. Boardwalks are popular for amusement parks, arcades, and water parks hosting numerous rides and attractions.

There are myriads of hotel accommodations available along the shore lined across forty different towns but still tourists look for convenience and comfort at variety of rental homes ranging from beachfront mansions to simple condos.

Notable Jersey Shore towns

Middlesex County

In Middlesex County, you can plan a great afternoon tour with family to the Cranbury History Center and Cranbury Museum. Beaches include Perth Amboy, Laurence Harbor, and South Amboy. Golf aficionados can spend a day at Tamarack golf course in East Brunswick. Enjoy the Roosevelt ice skating rink in Edison. In Monroe, sharpen your horse riding skills. New Brunswick holds most interesting gallery called Rutgers Geology Museum and even largest rain garden, where thousands of plants grow.

Never fret about feeling hungry even in the middle of night, when you are touring Jersey Shore. For example, there are moderately priced meals in New Brunswick available for 24 hours in this Maritime Province or anywhere across the Jersey Shore.

Monmouth County

Monmouth County beaches are tip of iceberg but when the topic is about fun activities then the place offers things worthy for kids of every age. From rides and arcades to historical sites, trampoline fun and shopping, your kids can have a great time. The popular towns that come under Monmoth County are –

  • Keansburg
  • Atlantic Highlands
  • Sandy Hook
  • Red Bank
  • Long Branch
  • Asbury Park
  • Ocean Grove
  • Belmar
  • Spring Lake
  • Manasquan

Atlantic County

You can stroll the popular Atlantic City Boardwalk or plan golf vacation here. For best shopping, gambling, and dining experience Atlantic City offers the best. It stands 2nd to Las Vegas in terms of number of casinos [9 casinos]. Explore world class craft breweries, distilleries, and wineries in Atlantic County. You can even see unique marine life at the aquarium, artifacts at the Heritage and Historical museums.

Cape May County

No one will ever get bored in Cape May because the place offers activities like paddle boarding, surfing, bird watching, Kayaking, Atlantic parasailing, boating and cruising. There is a park and zoo, which houses different species of critters.

The zoo takes pride in breeding snow leopards. On rainy day, you can participate in brewery or distillery tours or pamper yourself at the day spa or visit the Washington Street Mall. In terms of food scene, Cape May offers world-class beachfront dining to walk-up hotdog stands.

The beach towns forming the Jersey Shore are friendly. However, make sure to enjoy the place, when traffic is normal and not overcrowded.



Great Opportunities Bitcoins Has Offered Casino Owners and Players

Bitcoins rise in the last couple of years has built trust in the total crytpomarket. Therefore, variety of industries are starting to take Bitcoin as a serious payment option, which will serve to increase the profile, popularity and value of this digital currency. Since casinos have shifted to the internet there is a need to resolve several relevant online issues related to the deposit and withdrawal process, fair results, and money security. Fortunately, bitcoin features synch well with all the concerns that a gambler experience.

Main features of bitcoins

  • Bitcoins have no physical representation but anything can be bought with this digital currency just like real cash.
  • Decentralization is a peculiar feature, which differentiates bitcoins from fiat currencies. No banks or government body controls the release, circulation and exchange of bitcoins.
  • Transaction fees related to bitcoin transfer and exchange includes very low charges.
  • Anyone can acquire and use initial code to mine bitcoins.

Read how bitcoins will revolutionize the gambling industry soon on

What does bitcoins offer online casinos?

Bitcoins can give online casinos and the bettor’s great opportunities.

For online casino owners

Wide-ranging customer base

Bitcoin revolution will open doors to markets like gambling because there are countries who have strange relationship with this industry. In Las Vegas, gambling is legal but in other American states casinos are not allowed and several stringent laws revolve around online gambling. According to the online gaming enforcement act, the US banks cannot process any kind of payments where gaming sites are involved.

The crucial distinction or loophole in the act is that it is unlawful for the US bank to process payment but it is not illegitimate for gamblers to make deposits with gambling site. Therefore, the US citizens look for all kinds of aversions like prepaid debit card or wire transfers, which will ultimately get blocked.

As there are no authorities to restrict bitcoins, it is the most promising alternatives for players from the USA and other countries where there are limitations and restrictions to participate in the online casino arena.

Saves tax

Other key appeal of bitcoins casinos is all winnings will be tax free. In majority of jurisdiction taxes are levied on both land-based and online casinos. As bitcoin payment includes anonymity aspect means it is currently not possible that your winnings will be taxed.

Better payouts are affordable

The potential gains of bitcoins are more than physical fiat currencies. These get amplified more with the fact that casinos accepting bitcoins operate at very low edge. This is affordable for them because overhead costs are low, so they can attract more revenue through advertising, promotions and data sharing.

For Players or bettors

  • Less time for registering and verifying accounts
  • More accessible
  • Less transaction fees, so bettors can increase their winning margins
  • Maintain your anonymity for security and privacy as there is no need to submit personal or bank or card details
  • Avoid tax paying situation, which is certainly appealing
  • Play from home or anywhere and at any time without any legal concerns
  • Winnings can be accessed straightaway without delays

So, you can see the reasons how Bitcoin has affected both bookmakers and the bettors in a positive way.


Get to Know the Different Odds Format Working and Its Outcome Vary

Understand the odds before you start to bet on sports. They are crucial part of wager and helps to determine if betting is worthy or not. Possible payout can be calculated using your stake and relevant odds. In sports betting terms odds serve two main purposes.

  • They help to calculate winning wagers payout. Every time a bet is placed with a bookie, you are offered odds that can affect the amount you can win. High odds mean, you possibly win more in relation to your bet amount.
  • Odds reflect the possibility of a specific outcome trend. Lower odds mean the possibility of an outcome is possibly more. It means you can anticipate less winning betting on a likely outcome instead of an unlikely one.

Different formats of odds

Basic concept of odds is very simple but things get complex, when you encounter the different kinds.

  • American odds
  • Decimal odds
  • Fractional odds

All three function similarly but is a different way to express actual odds for specific bet.

American odds

In the US American odds or Moneyline odds is commonly used. It is displayed as a +ve or –ve number. The positive figure shows how much a correct bet will win, while negative number shows the amount at stake.

Decimal odds

This form is popular in the UK, Australia and Canada. Fortunately, they have largely become a popular standard because decimal odds are simple to understand. A single positive figure with two decimal places quotes exact amount winner will receive.

Fractional odds

Traditional form is still used by some bookies in the UK. However, calculating payouts is tricky with this format, so decimal odds are taking over slowly in Europe. Calculation in fractions get complicated when numerators are greater than the denominators.

Why odds of same results differ from one bookmaker to another?

Odds reflect the possibility of specific outcome happening from the perspective of bookmakers, which differ. Therefore, you will find that Odds from one bookmaker is different than the other. Prediction of possible outcomes of a sporting event is not real science but is a matter of judgment.

Other factors also affect the odds like money bookmaker took form a specific market. It means that odds set for betting are not perfect reflection of possibility of relevant outcome happening form the perspective of bookmakers. Bettors can possibly put odds in their favor while betting on games. Consistent correct predictions can help to build profits but this is difficult. Fortunately, combining knowledge of sports with getting familiar with key betting aspects can definitely help to win steadily.

Odds are key aspect, so it becomes essential to understand its working and reasons why outcomes differ. It helps to avoid silly mistakes of placing huge wagers on events having bad odds.

Do odds differ depending on sports?

Theoretically odds can be displayed in any format irrespective of the kind of sports. Practically, the target audience location has an impact at some extent. For example, the NFL odds get shown online in American format because the bettors viewing will predominantly be based in the US.


How And Why Bitcoin Sports Betting Is Gaining Popularity?

Online sports betting is exciting, fun and lucrative. You get to see all the action as well as enjoy the thrills of possibly winning. The first step is to choose right sports betting website from plethora of options available. Money deposit and withdrawal safety is a topic of concern for many bettors. Fortunately, you may have heard the introduction of cryptocurrency Bitcoin that is gaining a lot of popularity, especially on the online commerce regime.

Bitcoin was specially designed to make transactions on the internet easy and efficient. Online sportsbook are most eager adoptees and those who have started taking the spin of Bitcoin bandwagon confidently declare cryptocurrecy to be gambler’s tool for the future.

Today, major sports betting sites are well-aware about the Bitcoin value and have integrated it in their payment options for deposits and withdrawals. BitCoin sports betting can be beneficial to the sportsbook and the bettors. The bettors and bookmakers enjoy freedom of no or negligible transaction fees. In addition, there is no 3rd party involvement, thus increasing financial flexibility and offers more privacy.

What is Bitcoin?

In 1998, computer engineer Wei Dai envisioned a concept of combining cryptography and currency for allowing online commerce using encoded messages. Ten years later, Satoshi Nakamoto published white paper called ‘Bitcoin’ equivalent to cash for sellers and buyers doing online business. Before introduction of digital currency transactions done online depended on credit cards companies, banks, and payment sites like Paypal or reliable 3rd parties to convert cash to be used online.

These middlemen often apply undue influence on private transactions like sports betting. They routinely block deposits made to online sportsbook as well as refuse to cash payout checks bookmakers issue to their customers. Such intrusions are not restricted to online gambling because reliable 3rd parties became actual gatekeepers of all online transactions.

There is a need for online account [PayPal or bank or reliable 3rd party] to engage in private transactions on the internet just like you can with cash in real world. Cryptocurrency concept shifts this paradigm and offers people total control on their online commerce. Using Bitcoins allow people to deal directly with sellers and vice versa.

Bitocoin uses mathematical computations. It is generated by individuals called miners. These are traded and stored digitally. They don’t exist in physical form. Bitcoins are totally decentralized, so no 3rd party or banks are involved ensuring total anonymity for users.

Why choose Bitcoin sports betting>

Bitcoin sports betting is similar to the standard way of sport betting but has extra benefits.

Higher odds

Variety of sports get covered by a Bitcoin sportsbook. They even offer higher odds on specific events than traditional currencies. Just check the different Bitcoin sites to find the best odds.

More markets

Bettors get to bet on the international markets, which is not available with regular sportsbook. In addition, Bitcoin sports betting platform offers incredible welcome discounts, loyalty and referral programs.


Bettors can indulge in gambling with total anonymity because there will be no need to offer financial or personal information besides Bitcoin and email address. Funds get transferred instantly, so without any delays deposits and withdrawals can be made.

Choose legal and well-established Bitcoin sportsbook to reap rewards of flexibility, anonymity and overall saving.


How Bitcoin Blockchain Tech Resolved Many Online Gambling Industry Issues?

Since last year, the dramatic and sudden increase in Bitcoins value has been fuelling news headlines. Actually, it is the interesting blockchain technology supporting this aspect. Cryptocurrency payments will significantly reduce the overall overhead cost for every kind of business.

Blockchain tech and online gambling

Transparency is the best feature of blockchain or digital ledger technology. It is used mainly for recording the transactions, which occur virtually and where cryptocurrencies are used. Transactions get recorded in sequential manner allowing anyone to verify what occurs behind the scene. Online gambling is a billion dollar business in countries it has been legalized. The issue arises with a couple of questions like how fair are these platforms. It is a known fact that there is house advantage, so do bettors stand a fair chance to win big.

Blockchain technology and digital currencies have connected on intense level. Digital currency like Bitcoin has been designed using block tech with an aim to create a free and open decentralized highly knitted global economy. Online gambling is a sector which needs transaction ranging from information to money carried out reliably. Thus the elimination of intermediary [bank or credit card providers] can be beneficial.

Online gambling issues bitcoin technology overcomes

Bitcoin gambling has addressed many issues that online casinos have been and are experiencing.


Transparency is the most conspicuous issue that traditional online betting platforms are experiencing. Game details like game results, payments, winning frequencies, and more cannot be divulged to the bettors. The public cannot view or monitor it. Fortunately with blockchain tech, you can gain access to all your betting records, thus rendering a fair game.


House edge is another issue that bettors experience, while playing at land casinos. There are unaware about how frequently will they win overtime. House-edge concept makes them lose plenty to the casino. Fortunately, bitcoin has resolved this house-edge aspect as it uses blockchain technology, which is transparent.

Play anonymously

Cryptocurrencies are the best solution for bettors or punters who are anxious to hide their identity of playing in this sector. You can gamble anonymously as there is no need to reveal personal or bank details.

Fund safety warranty

Bitcoin is not owned by casino owner but is recorded on blockchain. Therefore user’s privacy gets protected. Blockchain is liable to make the wager according to its smart contract instructions. It helps to build trust and improve relationship between both parties.

No need to get registered

Unlike several online casinos, a few bitcoin betting sites don’t need players to sign up or open an account. You can choose small amounts in the form of cryptocurrency and bet with little fees.

Be independent

Blockchain technology has brought reliability and trust towards the online gambling industry. Gambling has become more meaningful and players got encouraged to develop trust in betting activities, which lacked before this amalgamation of crypto and blockchain tech.


Bitcoin and blockchain tech has the potential to decentralize the way data gets stored and information gets managed. This potentially decreases the role of crucial regulatory bodies that is the intermediary. It means blockchain users can control their own transaction as this platform is not owned or managed by a single company. Digital ledger power belong to every bettor using blockchain.




How Gambling With Bitcoin Is Revolutionary?

Gambling in one form or other has always been a popular pastime in the past. As per info graphics, at present gambling amounts to £2.5 billion on a single sportsbook Betfair. Even though gambling license issuers are making regulation strict, the industry is still evolving. The biggest recent evolution is transition of gambling industry from computers to handheld devices through apps.

Today, more than 5 billion mobile phones are connected with the internet allowing people to place bets on sports or casino games from anywhere and even while travelling. As there is an increase in use of Smartphones the number of bettors will also increase. Ability of using Smartphone to wager has given a rise to Bitcoin revolution.

How is gambling with bitcoin revolutionary?

The protocol of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology blends perfectly to what bettors look for, while gambling.

Provably fair system

Humans are skeptical about many things and where there is the question on money involved people like to ask many questions. It is wrong to term them as inquisitive because there have been lots of scenarios in the past that caused them to doubt on every aspect of gambling industry ranging from rigging of games to withdrawals. The integration of bitcoin in gambling includes many features that prevent any kind of mistrust from bettor’s side.

Provably fair system adds cryptography hash functions to the random number generating software employed to determine the spins outcome on online table and slot games. Hash function plays the role of marker for every game round. The player choses their input for game round like selecting number on roulette wheel then the marker, bettors input and results get displayed. This allows the bettor to compare information prior and after the spin. This transparency guarantees bettors that game result is legit.

Completely unrestricted

Online gambling sector need different licenses, so as to operate efficiently from around the globe. Anonymity is provided with bitcoin payment method because digital currency is not connected with any bank or third parties. So punters can use bitcoins for deposit and withdrawal without giving any personal detailed information. There is no concerns about being restricted by country or from where funds originated.

More safety

Bitcoin is totally decentralised. This digital currency is not controlled by any country or government, so the situations where company website and funds got sealed never occurs. Bettors will be totally confident that their betting account funds will be freely available and not be sealed by anyone.

Less information required

Information regarding every bitcoin transactions are transparent, stored, and accessible within blockchain. Less personal details are needed with bitcoin or other crypto currency transactions in comparison to their fiat equivalents. Therefore, account creation as well as the deposit & withdrawal processes are very fast and user-friendly in comparison. Bitcoin-only casinos offer more control on your personal data, thus bettors can rely on such platform for privacy and legitimacy of gameplay results.

As online gambling experiences heavy regulatory fire, bitcoin seems best cryptocurrency [financial option] for bookmakers and bettors all around the world to gamble easily.



How To Start And Why Is Bitcoin Sports Betting Beneficial?

Bitcoin is a widely accepted cryptocurrency because it guarantees financial security and flexibility. This digital currency has become a popular payment method in every sector, even sports betting. However, many bettors are clueless or cautious of using bitcoin as bank roll. Fortunately, those using bitcoin in sports betting have found it easy to deposit, place bets, and withdraw easily from their bookmaker’s platform BitCoin SportsBet. For beginners, below is a guide to get beginners started with bitcoin sports wagering.

Steps to get started with bitcoin sports wagering

Get bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin wallet is needed to store the coins, so get one first. You get to choose from three kinds of wallet -offline, online, and hardware wallet. Every wallet is different. Online wallet works like other e-wallets [PayPal] and are at risks to cyber-attacks, if you partner with a poor website host. Hardware wallets are preferred by those who prioritize security features.

Bitcoin buying process

After getting a wallet, next step is to buy the bitcoins. Get familiar with bitcoins current rate and with the help of calculator know your transaction value. Enter the bitcoin value, you wish to purchase on your exchange and confirm the purchase. It will take just ten minutes to complete the transaction.

Use bitcoins for sports betting

Setting wallet and exchange account was challenging but now you can relax. You will ow need to copy the BTC transfer address on the bookmakers deposit section. In your wallet find ‘transfer bitcoin’ option and paste the bookmaker’s address. Enter needed bitcoin amount, send, and confirm your payment. Funds will appear on your sportsbook account, ready to be used for wagering.

To withdraw winnings

You will need BTC transfer address from the wallet for fund withdrawals from the sports account. Find withdraw options and paste this address wherever pertinent and enter the desired withdrawal amount and confirm payments.

Benefits of bitcoins in betting on sports

Seasoned wagers use bitcoins rather than flat currency for many reasons.

  • Security – Most obvious one is guaranteed fund security. Unlike banks, it is hard to lose funds during possible security breach. Withdrawals and deposits in bitcoin involves private key including random cryptographic sequence, which hackers can hardly decipher. Moreover, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible once they are confirmed on blockchain.
  • Maintain anonymity – Bitcoin betting offers an excellent option to bettors, who keenly wish to maintain their anonymity or protect their ID from frauds. The bookmakers don’t need bettors to give them personal or sensitive information. All that is needed is a robust bitcoin and email address.
  • Rapidity – Bitcoin wagers can enjoy the rapid turnover times in comparison to other payment methods like credit cards, cheques or wire transfers. Crypto-currency does not need authentication from 3rd
  • Good offers – There is no involvement of any payment processing agencies in the transaction, which lowers bookmakers operation cost. Therefore many bookmakers offer more competitive bonuses and higher odds in comparison.

Many bookmakers deal with bitcoins but search for a bookmaker’s platform that offers competitive welcome bonus, favorable odds, cashback promotions, market variety, and sufficient coverage on every major leagues. Make sure that the bookmaker’s platform convers bitcoin into real currency as well as allow wagers to withdraw in bitcoins.


The Perks of Customer Loyalty Program Gambling Industry Offers

Loyalty programs are given to the customers for several reasons. First businesses can benefit and second consumers expect loyalty programs. Moreover, today having traditional loyalty reward program is insufficient. According to a survey, more than 45% people stop being loyal, in case of couple of bad experiences. Even in the gambling industry, online casino owners have taken steps to expand their rewards for offering bettors with more personalized experience.

Customer loyalty programs can be beneficial to online casino owners in engaging new customers, increase revenue, save money, increased sales, better long-term relationship with their customers and offer lots of space for growth. With a comprehensive loyalty program, customers can become brand advocates. As peers are more trusted over advertising it is worthy to foster loyal customers, who represent you, which is a smart move.

What are loyalty programs from customer’s perspective?

Comprehensive loyalty programs make customers feel appreciated. They feel more connected with your online betting website and even case of mishaps they will be very patient. Appreciation can be increased by offering reward points on special events. Do loyalty programs really work is a debatable question but you can get some good pointers on

Online casinos offer rewards in several creative ways to express their gratitude to their regular customers through variety of loyalty programs.

Loyalty points

This type of bonus incentive scheme helps to keep players dedicated to one house. Every casino has its personal point system style. On every deposit made points get accumulated and you can exchange it for cash that can be used to play again or free spins or withdraw the cash without any condition. The more deposits made the more points you accumulate in your account. It is advisable to read the potential casino’s T&C, so you get familiar how their loyalty program functions. Moreover, what perks you will gain from the package and plan some strategy to use it for your advantage.

Join the VIP

Loyal high rollers are rewarded with premium services. Wagers depositing large amount definitely get noticed, so to appreciate such loyalty casinos choose to give them VIP status and special perks like –

  • Unique casino offers
  • Customized rewards & bonuses
  • Personalized customer support
  • Special tournaments & raffles
  • Quick money withdrawals

VIP perks can differ from one casino to another. For example, some offer VIP multiple jackpot pool that includes five jackpots. One jackpot for every status level. As you wager, you start earning ‘VIP points’ and start climbing the status level like platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. Greater point’s accumulated higher status gets achieved.

The simple rule is to ‘the more you wager, the higher you rise in statuses. Depending on the current status you get a chance to win cash from the VIP multiple jackpot pool. For example, if you hold the gold status then you get to win cash from gold, silver as well as bronze jackpot pool. Five draws for every status level is conducted thrice a day, all around the year. It means you get 15 opportunities to win dollars in thousands daily.

Start playing, you can win today itself!





Renting a yacht is amazing. You can have exclusive treatment. You become the master of your time and routine and fun. Whatever you say, the crew will abide by. Wherever you say, they will go. It is the best experience one can have at a coast.

With regards to yachting, areas don’t get substantially more flawless than the French Riviera, which is the reason contracting your own yacht here, is a standout amongst the most sumptuous things you can do. For yacht charter in Cannes Arthaud Yachting can be the best choice for you.

Luxury yachting was for all intents and purposes materialized here. Everything began back in the days when the French Riviera was sleepier and far less known than it is presently. As individuals from high society and eminence began cruising all over the coast in the late nineteenth century, the zone became lively and ended up known as a favorite site for the rich and popular. Fame by and by spiked and the territory has never been short of popularity, after the greatest names in Hollywood began to bring their yachts here in the 1950’s. People also used to go from Cannes to St Tropez by taxi boat.

Superyacht owners have an inclination for Antibes, Cannes, Monaco and Saint-Tropez, and keeping in mind that there’s a lot to find out in these regions, you can stretch out a bit, as well. Here are 3 motivations to rent a luxury yacht on the French Riviera.

1.     You will decide the length of the charter

You can book something as short as a one day charter or one that goes on for a few days. A little yacht can take you on a multi day trip to Calanques National Park where you can see delightful scenes including lime rock. A bigger yacht can keep you and your visitors at sea for a few days if you need to investigate a greater amount of the coast.

2.     The yacht group will entertain you

Contracting a yacht implies you’ll be dealt with like royalty by the profoundly proficient, talented group that will engage and serve you from day-to-night. You’ll have all the comforts you need, also a gourmet culinary expert who’ll prepare pretty much anything you request. Isn’t it like getting a fantasy fulfilled?

If you remain on deck a good amount of time, you can go for audacious or fun exercises like deep sea fishing, jumping, swimming or playing with water toys like pools, jet skis and slides. On-board experiences can likewise incorporate live music show, theme-based parties and wine tastings.

3.     Enjoy an elevated social status

When you do reach a port, a luxury yacht will take you to wherever you need to go, regardless of whether that is out for multi day of shopping or a night at a gambling club or most sizzling dance club. You’ll even have selective and VIP activities arranged for you. You will be treated like a VIP.


Regulated Binary Options Broker – Do They Offer Scam or Opportunity?

Binary options regulation was established around 2008/2009, when the regulators started to take steps towards investor’s protection. When binary options was in its infancy, people regarded this practice as gambling, so in a few jurisdiction like the UK, Gaming Commission regulated trade industry. However, since then there have been some changes and today regulation is made available to binary options trader.

Even though, regulation is not compulsory. Unregulated brokers can opt to get regulated or not. In addition, the regulators will determine if a specific broker is eligible for regulation or not. Getting regulation is advantageous to the broker because it displays their credibility to customers [investors]. It means regulated brokers will possibly get bulk market share in comparison to unregulated ones.

Obtaining regulation means brokerage firm gets scrutinized by the regulators and will need to stringently observe specific principles and rules in their trade procedures. Before the trading platform gets a license they will need to fulfil specific standards. Thus, the possibility of fraud and scam related to binary options reduces. Investors get great protection level, if they file disputes. Regulated brokers need separate trade accounts for each customers to gain great trust and transparency.

Is binary options a scam or an opportunity, today?

Some brokers get regulated under false address, whereas there are several who don’t get regulated. Fake stories are fabricated regarding huge profits to be made with robot. Such bad minded brokers manipulate price curves to prevent their customers from winning. If you win then they decline to pay-out and finally vanish with your money. Such stories regarding binary options are heard, which makes you wonder whether it is a scam or an opportunity.

Binary options are speculations on prices of underlying assets. You predict whether the rates will fall or rise within given time period. If you are right then broker will pay your stake money with win pay out factor within range of 75% to 95%. In case, your speculation backfires then your losses will also be intensified. Actually, you trade against broker and not the market. Obviously, broker will not wish that you win or else he will not earn profits.

Suppose, he does not manipulate price curve and even pays your wins, he is still able to control your wins with outlined pay-out factors. He will reduce pay-out figure to ensure that you lose along the road. This actually seems like a myth. Broker does not have the right to illogically reduce pay-out because there is cut-throat competition with other brokerage platform.

Why do you choose binary options?

You opt for binary options trade rather than trading serious instruments because trading cost and profits do not rely on timeframe. You can trade short term frames with binary options, which is difficult with real options.

Valuable tips

  • More customers on the brokerage platform means the broker can deal with more bets, so manipulating price curve is hard without attracting unsolicited attention
  • Make test withdrawals prior depositing large funds
  • Keep trade account balance small
  • Research and gather information about the potential broker, especially where are they actually located?

When you make huge profits through binary options, the money comes from less fortunate traders and not the broker. Even read about binary options scam to understand how the scammers work. Binary options recovery is only possible if customers threaten credit card chargeback or harass the company immensely.