The Perks of Customer Loyalty Program Gambling Industry Offers

The Perks of Customer Loyalty Program Gambling Industry Offers

Loyalty programs are given to the customers for several reasons. First businesses can benefit and second consumers expect loyalty programs. Moreover, today having traditional loyalty reward program is insufficient. According to a survey, more than 45% people stop being loyal, in case of couple of bad experiences. Even in the gambling industry, online casino owners have taken steps to expand their rewards for offering bettors with more personalized experience.

Customer loyalty programs can be beneficial to online casino owners in engaging new customers, increase revenue, save money, increased sales, better long-term relationship with their customers and offer lots of space for growth. With a comprehensive loyalty program, customers can become brand advocates. As peers are more trusted over advertising it is worthy to foster loyal customers, who represent you, which is a smart move.

What are loyalty programs from customer’s perspective?

Comprehensive loyalty programs make customers feel appreciated. They feel more connected with your online betting website and even case of mishaps they will be very patient. Appreciation can be increased by offering reward points on special events. Do loyalty programs really work is a debatable question but you can get some good pointers on

Online casinos offer rewards in several creative ways to express their gratitude to their regular customers through variety of loyalty programs.

Loyalty points

This type of bonus incentive scheme helps to keep players dedicated to one house. Every casino has its personal point system style. On every deposit made points get accumulated and you can exchange it for cash that can be used to play again or free spins or withdraw the cash without any condition. The more deposits made the more points you accumulate in your account. It is advisable to read the potential casino’s T&C, so you get familiar how their loyalty program functions. Moreover, what perks you will gain from the package and plan some strategy to use it for your advantage.

Join the VIP

Loyal high rollers are rewarded with premium services. Wagers depositing large amount definitely get noticed, so to appreciate such loyalty casinos choose to give them VIP status and special perks like –

  • Unique casino offers
  • Customized rewards & bonuses
  • Personalized customer support
  • Special tournaments & raffles
  • Quick money withdrawals

VIP perks can differ from one casino to another. For example, some offer VIP multiple jackpot pool that includes five jackpots. One jackpot for every status level. As you wager, you start earning ‘VIP points’ and start climbing the status level like platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. Greater point’s accumulated higher status gets achieved.

The simple rule is to ‘the more you wager, the higher you rise in statuses. Depending on the current status you get a chance to win cash from the VIP multiple jackpot pool. For example, if you hold the gold status then you get to win cash from gold, silver as well as bronze jackpot pool. Five draws for every status level is conducted thrice a day, all around the year. It means you get 15 opportunities to win dollars in thousands daily.

Start playing, you can win today itself!




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