Real Estate Goldmines in Canada – Cities Promising Assured Returns

Real Estate Goldmines in Canada – Cities Promising Assured Returns

Canada is a hotspot for real estate investments for a long time. The growing business and industrial potential of mundane suburbs and towns give you an investment opportunity with exponential growth.

Investment in a developing region promises an unbelievable exponential growth potential, as the real estate is cheaper before the development. Post development, there is sudden demand of real estate and scarcity of prime properties. Here are a few cities with huge potentials for investment in the real estate market.


China-based Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone (QETDZ) invested millions of dollars to develop an industrial corridor in Terrace. The town is suburban zone with a lot of agricultural land. The real estate will skyrocket once this industrial corridor is ready. Industries employ people who need homes to live, hotels to stay while travelling to these cities.


 People live where there are jobs. Brampton’s real estate growth is backed by huge job growth in the region. With giant blue chip employers like Coca-Cola, Rogers Communications, Barcardi Canada, Canon Canada and Air Canada expanding their operations in the city, the real estate growth has already kicked off.


 Real estate experts like The Munir Group are betting big on Kitimat. The city is chosen for the multibillion LNG Terminus project. The paperwork of the project is already through and the real estate has already started to rise. The potential of this city is huge, there are around 6000 construction camps already set up, giving you an idea of the potential of the project. The project promises several hundred jobs with a similar number of houses needed for the workforce.


 The huge real estate and industrial pressure on Metro Vancouver is forcing people to look for affordable real estate nearby. Both industrial and residential real estate of nearby towns is being sought out. At the core of this is Abbotsford-Mission, which has gradually registered itself as the most preferred destination for both households and businesses looking to move out from Metro Vancouver.


 Squamish is a dream investment spot for rental returns with occupancy levels reaching 0% the rental returns skyrocketed. The city has the best year on year rental return increase, way above the national average. The city is the best investment spot if you are looking for steady monthly rental returns.


 Calgary Regional Transit Pilot Project has pushed the real estate prices of Okotoks. A great number of people wish to live in clean and green environment of Okotoks while working in Calgary. The transit project has made this dream a reality, now people are sure that very soon they will be able to live in Okotoks while working in South Calgary as it will be conveniently connected with Okotoks. With vacancy levels already dropping below 1%, this town is a goldmine for rental returns.

Real estate investments offer lion’s share to early movers. If you are looking to invest in any of these cities, you should start your research, contact realtors and seal the deal before the prices rise further.


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