How And Why Bitcoin Sports Betting Is Gaining Popularity?

How And Why Bitcoin Sports Betting Is Gaining Popularity?

Online sports betting is exciting, fun and lucrative. You get to see all the action as well as enjoy the thrills of possibly winning. The first step is to choose right sports betting website from plethora of options available. Money deposit and withdrawal safety is a topic of concern for many bettors. Fortunately, you may have heard the introduction of cryptocurrency Bitcoin that is gaining a lot of popularity, especially on the online commerce regime.

Bitcoin was specially designed to make transactions on the internet easy and efficient. Online sportsbook are most eager adoptees and those who have started taking the spin of Bitcoin bandwagon confidently declare cryptocurrecy to be gambler’s tool for the future.

Today, major sports betting sites are well-aware about the Bitcoin value and have integrated it in their payment options for deposits and withdrawals. BitCoin sports betting can be beneficial to the sportsbook and the bettors. The bettors and bookmakers enjoy freedom of no or negligible transaction fees. In addition, there is no 3rd party involvement, thus increasing financial flexibility and offers more privacy.

What is Bitcoin?

In 1998, computer engineer Wei Dai envisioned a concept of combining cryptography and currency for allowing online commerce using encoded messages. Ten years later, Satoshi Nakamoto published white paper called ‘Bitcoin’ equivalent to cash for sellers and buyers doing online business. Before introduction of digital currency transactions done online depended on credit cards companies, banks, and payment sites like Paypal or reliable 3rd parties to convert cash to be used online.

These middlemen often apply undue influence on private transactions like sports betting. They routinely block deposits made to online sportsbook as well as refuse to cash payout checks bookmakers issue to their customers. Such intrusions are not restricted to online gambling because reliable 3rd parties became actual gatekeepers of all online transactions.

There is a need for online account [PayPal or bank or reliable 3rd party] to engage in private transactions on the internet just like you can with cash in real world. Cryptocurrency concept shifts this paradigm and offers people total control on their online commerce. Using Bitcoins allow people to deal directly with sellers and vice versa.

Bitocoin uses mathematical computations. It is generated by individuals called miners. These are traded and stored digitally. They don’t exist in physical form. Bitcoins are totally decentralized, so no 3rd party or banks are involved ensuring total anonymity for users.

Why choose Bitcoin sports betting>

Bitcoin sports betting is similar to the standard way of sport betting but has extra benefits.

Higher odds

Variety of sports get covered by a Bitcoin sportsbook. They even offer higher odds on specific events than traditional currencies. Just check the different Bitcoin sites to find the best odds.

More markets

Bettors get to bet on the international markets, which is not available with regular sportsbook. In addition, Bitcoin sports betting platform offers incredible welcome discounts, loyalty and referral programs.


Bettors can indulge in gambling with total anonymity because there will be no need to offer financial or personal information besides Bitcoin and email address. Funds get transferred instantly, so without any delays deposits and withdrawals can be made.

Choose legal and well-established Bitcoin sportsbook to reap rewards of flexibility, anonymity and overall saving.


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